Tough job, we have to pay attention to what issues

  Move lifting and moving frequently, low floor, plant said, if a senior or top it? Therefore, formal professional moving companies in this regard. In addition, high-level positions for workers to buy personal accident insurance is very necessary, it is your responsibility, workers, but also for the company. Here, I talk about our lifting experience.
first of all, to ensure the safety of personnel is the greatest wealth, relieving some workers have years of senior experts in lifting operations and operations, in order to begin work, understanding them, it is very important that, rather than simply increasing their technical strength, when the accident occurred, quelled some treatment.
  prior to the release, the best site, also the weather conditions on the day. Site conditions and the weather is good or bad, can dramatically affect the progress and the success or failure of lifting operations, in the field at the same time, air and ground look at external factors. Do not ignore the external factors, when you encounter it also gives you a great deal of trouble. Road operation and operation must be marked on the label road and reminding pedestrians to avoid moving in the opposite direction in order to avoid accidents,
  in the lifting operation should carry out the necessary operations and maintenance tools of cases, which is very critical. Imagine if a project during crane lifting tools, some unexpected do? The situation is very dangerous. If there is, it means you didn't do all the preparatory work, is in danger of operating companies of such knowledge is not enough, when they are absolutely not allowed "just in case". Must take all kinds of accidents in the bud.