Moving box complex I

In our home, in every little corner in each of the bottom of the wardrobe, all our moving box, they lay there in silence, but never migrate well prepared next time, like I never restless heart, always ready for another trip.
moving box loaded with all my life. I am enjoying everything I have, they simply, enough to fit inside a small cardboard box. I hate complicated, hate every trivial personnel burden and care. When the bell rings in the evening in the distance, I know my moving cartons must be as excited as my heart happy. I do not envy those who have a lot of people, a move the tray loading everything they had, but no doubt they were put into another larger box, could not get out. People look at my humble, kept shaking my head and sighing as if my life has too many gaps. I smiled and looked at them and said to them, I have all the right moving box, they have too many, but they can't see. It dawned on me what I sought was, that is freedom. Moving box full of my freedom is never bound to me.
in every Sunrise, when free, along with the first ray of sunshine in the early morning from my windowless shines in the window sill, I can get from my moving cartons out of a piece of clothing, I wear it walking down the street, walking throngs of people hurrying by in the past. They took their breakfast stacked on the platform, they want to squeeze into a car to take them to a big box over their car. I looked at them, they are willing, did you ever want to throw it all away, to find a free moving box? &Nbsp;   
there are many possible, I have my a, they have another, each one corresponding to each heart. I don't envy them, they have never been envious of me, but in this world, there will always be a free heart, there is a quiet but restless moving boxes.