Li Kang moving company detailed household appliances attention

In for moved of when, Lee Kang moved company reminded you to note appliances of right handling, to has new home yihou also to for right of using, cannot along the, prevent because moved improper led to himself home of electrical damaged, suffered not necessary of loss, especially for air conditioning moved and refrigerator electrical of moved to is note, these are is power of appliances and handling up is trouble, most easy appeared problem.
    1, for home appliance disassembly and installation of appliances you want to let a professional moving company install master for, rather than to avoid removal.
    2, for small items, home appliances, to pack, prevent loss, it is difficult to support.
    3, air conditioner refrigerator TV before the real move to pack, preferably boxes, boxes with a sponge or a soft foam.
    4, don't move the way items such as drinking water, and so on, on top of the appliance to avoid tidal, or moving to a new home for live working.
    5, and put computer in all document deposit floppy disk or compression file, with computer dedicated of box and protection material loaded good, to note away from TV, and audio and other some may produced magnetic field of electrical; if no, to with bubble block loaded good and into carton in, in outside indicate computer, such can ensure will you of computer security shortcut of sent to destination, also can let you more assured more relief.
    6, printer with original box packed, and pallets palette removed from laser or inkjet printer, then insert needle with a piece of paper inside the printer platen.
    above is the Beijing likang removal company to bring a household appliances of the considerations, we must not overlook the small problem when moving, moving company is to not give a good owners often matters at a time when moving appliances that need attention, let owners found to have electrical problems after moving, I thought it was caused by the moving company's workers do not pay attention to.