Exposing moving charm of the auspicious day auspicious times query

A few days ago, a move quietly auspicious day auspicious times query on the Web, and attention. Since ancient times, China had feared ghost terms, whether it be moved, married naxin, funeral a funeral school to ask passers-by will look for a master on the I Ching, master of ventilation and water for his choice to no avail.
this year coincides with the year of the Dragon, according to the head of a moving company in Chengdu said every "lucky day" – Almanac says that writing "easy relocation" of this article, will significantly increase the company's business, a month is not so focused on "good day" move "rally" 70% per cent of total turnover will account for months. Even some customers, time to move, the moving company must in a fixed time, have also been developed for moving more detailed "travel routes". This moving company will bring inconvenience due to traffic jams that missed the "JI", the move delays too long, vehicles often unable to arrive at the next user address. The official also pointed out that the lumpy easy moving company in the days, whether it be personnel, vehicles and timing appear unable to meet the business needs of this contradiction, in pursuit of quality, the company will choose to refuse orders, this may also result in the loss of customers. Customers need to select move date, instead of blindly chasing.
"select ' lucky day ' move although there is no scientific basis, but people move to pick good times asking for Hei Shun understandable, moving an auspicious day auspicious times query will become a new fashion trend. "A Web site said the move channel. But people still can choose according to their own preferences to move an auspicious day auspicious times.