Can't live, the moving company workers do

Recently, the Internet sensation a middle class can't live article, I was very angry, if they do not survive, then Beijing workers moving company do? And how to live it?
    in the middle class as a class that is defined in the article, along with the economic development of this group of people, they are no longer limited by resource shortages and poverty, are not plagued by basic livelihoods. From this definition we can know, and they don't worry about food and drink, rather than moving company personnel to fight for survival, how can they claim to live without it?
    in the reviews, points out that middle-class embarrassment is that although they comfortably in his hand a little money, but never enough to the life you want. Main points out that there are several reasons: the sense of falling income, the sense of falling income, inequality of opportunity, inequality of taxation for several reasons. These reasons seem to set up, but it was the self hatred, than Beijing brothers moving company movers, they were much happier.
    said in a House to destroy a middle class, when the middle class but also for the life force, and concerns for retirement when China's economy will become more and more short of breath. Annual salary of $ 200,000, "the bottom" is the dilemma of China's middle class, you can see the middle class claiming to live without, but dared not to bottom of life itself, also hypocritical to living on the ground floor with quotation marks. But don't even have a House moving company workers.
    in this article, for example a joint-stock Bank employees complain that the pressure of the 200,000 annual salary in Beijing is still very large, is still living at the bottom of society. Some netizens said, I paid tens of thousands of, I am in hell? Li Kang moving company workers to work every day, to move to inspect, and moved him to negotiate, takes a lot of energy to move, sometimes a Cabinet to weigh hundreds of pounds, also the customer's eyes, statement under tremendous pressure, who did this work? Than construction workers from rural provinces to hard.
    If the gap between rich and poor, opportunity, unfair, unfair taxation which set up, so moving company workers may even none of these qualifications, what is wrong with this society, why only 2000 RMB per month the movers did not say what these annual income of under 200,000 people here complaining about themselves?
    actually in are is psychological reasons, moved company of workers in this aspects do of on is good, although also to daily for vitality struggle, is can daily to smile meet each a need moved of guest, to enthusiasm received listening to each a moved Advisory phone, more to super strong of physical dry each a times moved, let Beijing people of life no longer because moved and troubles, this is a psychological health of people should has of psychological and life fight.
    Beijing likang removal company is a positive mental attitude for life of the gathered company, although the income is not much, but they can be proud to rely on their hands to work, can live full and happy every day. Farce of the middle class is just a farce, and every day the Sun will rise again, what we need is a positive attitude and sense of happiness to live.